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D.I.Y.. Bubbleponics / DWC system out of house hold materials.

Materials Needed:

*Plastic Coffee Can w/Lid.

*Aquarium air pumpwith air hose and Air stone( the more bubbles the better)

*Empty Yogurt cup

*Lava Rock Or Aquarium gravel is it what ya got

*Something to Drill some holes

*A sharp Utility knife

Okay now that you have your materials gathered up lets start the process.

Step 1. Take your Coffee can and Lid clean them very well

Step 2. Take your coffee can lid and cut a hole just big enough for the yogurt cup to fit in the center flushly with the lid.

Step 3. Now drill asmall hole off to the side of the lid just big enough for the air tubing to fit through.

Step 4. Okay your done with the lid now for the yogurt cup this will act as your net pot so you will need…

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