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Skunk Pharm World Class Lecture Series Announcement:

Skunk Pharm World Class Lecture Series Announcement:.

DIY Vacuum Purging Chamber

DIY Vacuum Purging Chamber.


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Graywolf sending best wishes to all this Christmas day and holiday season!  May we all be at peace this day, regardless of origin, race, or faith?

Wow, has the pace picked up here at the pharm, and to my discredit I continue to fall behind in answering comments and updating the blog.  I apologize to those awaiting acknowledgement and hope to make inroads over the holidays.

Those of you waiting for me to get off the dime and post our 2014 class schedule, will be as dismayed as I to learn that our lease disappears early in the year, so have postponed posting, hoping to find a new venue, but to our embarrassment,  so far continue to fall short of the mark.  Please bear with us while we sort that out.

Until we do, Specialized Formulations still offers private classes for the remainder of the lease that we share. …

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The Mk IVA Phoenix Terpenator

The Mk IVA Phoenix Terpenator.

The Mk V Terpenator

The Mk V Terpenator.

Skunk Shack’s doors open and on line

Skunk Shack’s doors open and on line.


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