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**When you begin your garden, develop a soil that works well for you. I like to use a mix of Fox Farms and coco coir myself but everyone finds something that work for them. 

**Don’t Transplant Too Early, Let them get nice and root** bound before transplanting.
** Bending Your Branches Will Help To decrease **
stretching of plants 
(don’t be afraid you might break a couple branches but its a plant they will come back)
**Air Flow Is A MUST is a new garden. **
Plants like to breath
Keep a good circulation of airflow going in your rooms to avoid fungus problem , keep them leaves moving but not too heavy of a wind. Preferable if you can you should have a fresh air intake and a Exhaust fan also.
**Plants Like Food**
Your gonna want some good base nutrients for your garden

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  1. Great looking site admin, thanks


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